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Back on Track


Greetings and salutations to all of you!

I apologize for my extended period of absence. The budget cuts and heavy workloads were, for lack of a better word, murder. Thankfully though, with that dreaded Zwieg character being taken down a peg (simply goes to show. What goes around, comes around), I’ll FINALLY be able to get back to work on my other projects and tasks.

In fact, I already have. I’m planning on re-engaging my previously mentioned, nearly-abandoned-due-to-factors-that-were-unfortunatly-out-of-my-control “secret project.” I just need to check and see if I still have those old blueprints lying around. Darn paperwork has been piling up so high; I may have lost the folder. Hopefully my old memory will kick in if that should occur.

Also, I’d like to ask Henrietta and Miss VonFrood if they are still interested in assisting me with the assembling of the contraption.  Things have been rather lonely without those girls around, even with all the students here. Maybe I’ll even ask Jojo if he would be interested as well.

I would like to formally apologize to Mr. and *stifles chuckle* Mrs. McLennan for my inability to get meet the wedding deadline for finishing the machine. Forgive my inability to meet the due date. I hope you two understand. And I also wish you the best of luck on your marriage and new life. The wedding was spectacular, and I thank you for inviting me despite the shortcomings of my work. ^^ Good luck with the oncoming pitter patter of little feet as well.

That about covers things for now. I should get back to work on finding those blueprints. *to self* Now where did I put that file...?

-Dr. LaRue

Hello there everyone. Like everyone, it is apparent that I’ve been busy with mounds upon mounds of work, what with the new semester commencing and everyone trying to get settled on campus, etc. etc. etc., so on and so forth. You get the idea. We've all been busy.

However, I must tell you all. An interesting development has unfolded.


And by interesting, I mean enfuriating.


I believe it’s only fair to warn all of those who are about to read the following: some of the sentences bellow may not be suitable for those of the faint of heart and mind. It contains gross amounts of anger, frustration, spitting, and the light chance of the odd swear or two.



So just remember, you have been warned.

















And for those of you till reading, I commend you for taking the time and energy to listen to my incessant and utterly long ranting of the following. And your bravery astounds me as well.



Well, anywho, you asked for it. *ahem*









This is an outrage. A complete. And total. OUTRAGE.



Those atrocious, feeble-minded council men have the GAUL to demand the lowering of funds in our laoratoies, for classes and research alike.


I’m am so livid with rage, I can barely speak, let alone type.




 “Nothing of any significance is ever accomplished by your or your associates, Ms. May Lou. I’m afraid well have to put a pause on funding your wing of the laboratories until you actually find means as to impress myself and the other councilmen. Until further notice, we shall be taking our investments elsewhere.”






That Zweig... Who does he think he is? Making decisions about the development of MY research. I don’t see HIM trying to develop equations that will help us Whos understand the Unified Clover Theory. And he didn’t even say whether he had the okay from the Chairman!












Besides. We NEED those funds to actually even ATTEMPT at making any progress.


And that goes double for my “secret project”. It’s a direct correlation, really.








I am so furious. I seriously am. I haven’t felt this much displaced aggression since the time I discovered a Who U freshman had used cheat-notes on last semester’s term paper. I was so angry, I couldn’t leave my lab for weeks.




But this- oh Who, THIS is one-trillion, nine-thousand, four-hundred and twenty-two times worse.


Give or take an odd.





.........I could just-!



........................................I could JUST-!!





And I think I will.



I’m terribly sorry Henrietta, but I’m afraid I will have to put a hold on our afternoon work-sessions and.or get-togethers.


I’m going to go pay Councilman Zweig a LITTLE visit.


-Dr. LaRue

P.S. Oh, and, uh, welcome back Jojo. It's good to hear that you've returned.

Not so Odd Goings On

Well, the school year in Whoville has officially begun. Despite the melancholy air around the students, I for one think this year is off to a promising start. At least for the students at Who U anyways. I don’t know if the same can be said from the high school down. 

Regardless. None much to report, besides those summer progress reports I need to submit to the head office. Quite the promising class of college freshmen this year. Very promising indeed.


Anyways, my log. Entry 4. 

Not much progress worth noting. Especially since I’m one aid short now that the school year has started. Of course I mean Henrietta. But I won’t complain. She has her own agenda to attnd to, and albeit for me to keep her from getting her standard education. She says she wants to come over after school to assist me some more, but I declined. At this rate, she’ll barely have any time to work out her own problems. No use worrying her with my own. Poor girl’s so stressed lately, she deserves a week off or two.


… Although when she played those puppy-dog eyes, I couldn’t deny her the chance to come on Friday afternoons and the weekends. Darn those big blue eyes. *sigh* I blame Mr. Mayor. Henrietta gets her eyes from him. 

Anyway, besides the slowed production speed and output, nothing new to report. Mary Lou LaRue, end mission log entry 4. 

… Well. There you go. I’m off to drop off those summer reports now. Wow, short entry. Wish there was more to tell. A good bit has been on my mind lately.


-Dr. LaRue

All Work and No Play

So… tired…








Must… remain… awake…







Been working at the lab for three days strait. No breaks. No naps. Barely any sleep. Haven’t been home in over fifty-four hours. Running on three cups of Who-spresso coffee. Feel as though I’m going to drop down asleep any moment. This is no where near healthy for me to do. I know this. But I have no choice if I wish to get this devise completed in time…





*slowly lifts head, rubbing it groggily* Must… remain… awake and alert…


Since I just barely awake, *yawnnnn* but awake none-the-less, I suppose it’s only fitting for me to give you all updates on the goings on for the past few days. The construction of my little “project has moved back on track, thanks in huge part to Henrietta. Who knew such a small girl was so handy with power tools and lab equipment. But then again, I really shouldn’t be surprised. This is Henrietta I’m talking about after all.


Also, I’d like to thank  Miss Gertrude VonFrood for allowing me to borrow her blow torch and crescent wrench. Those two came in rather handy.


Speaking of Miss VonFrood, I’ve been noticing peculiar behavior in her, along with young Hannah McDodd and Miss Cindy Lou Who. I tried asking Miss Henrietta about it yesterday, but she kept acting  uncomfortable and tried to redirect the conversation to a different subject. I eventually caught onto the fact that asking her about it would get me nowhere fast, not to mention it made the poor girl very uncomfortable, and refrained from further questioning. I myself understand the importance of keeping secrets. (I myself am keeping one right now after all, what with my little project and all that.) I just wish there was a more scientific approach to interrogation and reconnaissance. There’s something fishy going on around Whoville, and I fully intend to get to the bottom of it.


Anyways, after working on my little “project”, I did take some time off to go visit the McDodd residence and have a chat with Mrs. O’Malley. She’s been so downtrodden ever since Mr. Mayor left on his trip to the Outskirts (WHY he ever agreed o go on such a dangerous venture is beyond my comprehension, which, not to tout my own horn, is indeed saying something). Her eyes had heavy bags under them and she her voice seemed pretty horse every now and then when she spoke. Poor thing. IT saddens me to see such a close friend so sad… *sigh* I just hope a my little visit was enough to help out, if only just a little.


While I was at the Mcdodd residence, I noticed that Hanna and Henrietta were nowhere in sight. My suspicions have escalated on this little secretive matter of theirs ten-fold. I’m not more determined than ever to figure out what’s going on…


But then again, maybe I’m going about it entirely the wrong way. If I keep badgering them about the matter, they’ll keep resisting and keeping distrusting me with their worries. I don’t want that to happen. Especially with the heavy scent of foreboding that has hung in the air for the past few months…


Girls? Hanna? Henrietta? Cindy? Gertrude? If any of you are reading this, I just want you to know that you can trust me with whatever it is that’s going on. I can tell hat you all are keeping secrets from all of us, and I can also tell that whatever it is, it is of grave importance. You can tell me about it if want or feel the need. Or not. You can keep it amongst yourselves if you wish. I trust your judgments, of whatever they may be about. I just want you to know you can trust me. And if you need any help, you can always call on me.


*sigh* Glad I got that off my chest. And now, without further delay, my lab records. Mission log, entry 3.


As stated earlier, construction rates of the machine have increased ten-fold. With any luck, the machine will be done a few weeks ahead of schedule. Again, I owe my thanks to Henrietta and Gertrude. With Miss McDodd’s help, after three hard days of labor I was able to assemble the landing bay chamber and the power cell container. No more news of importance to report… except that I may need to run by the University’s storage facility and  request more calcium chloride and rubber stoppers for my test tubes. Seem to be running out of those two components. Until next time…


… I’m going to bed. Mary Lou LaRue, signing off.


-Dr. LaRue

Of Tea and Projects

Well, I must say that today went quite well, even despite nearly blowing my head off by accidentally mixing chromium hydroxide with sodium chloride. Darn those catalytic properties. I’ll never be able to get those darn scorch marks off of my coat. Why do I have to insist upon wearing WHITE in such a messy environment? Why not a color that doesn’t show stains as easily, like black?


Anyway, where was I before I rambled off on that tangent about failed experiments and the colors of hygiene? Ah yes, my day. It went rather smoothly, I must say. I had a successful talk with the board of directors (minus the added Chairman, Mr. Mayor, and the city council) about raising the funding of the science labs just a tad. The raise will definitely lend me a helping hand with that little project I told you all about earlier.


After the talk, I went to my lab to find Miss Henrietta McDodd looking nervously inside my lab. The poor thing nearly jumped to the ceiling when I welcomed her in. She was right on time for our afternoon appointment. And by “appointment”, I mean having a nice chat over tea. We talked for a while about her paper she submitted to Who U earlier that spring on the dynamics of our world and how certain aspects of it affect our size and how it functions. She’s a real bright one, that Henrietta. She even understood the my calculations on our world’s gravity. Even my most accomplished associates and fellow scientists couldn’t comprehend those equations. I see a bright future ahead of that girl if she keeps this up. She’s a real prodigy in science and mathematics especially. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.


Ah. Now that I’ve told you about my day, I suppose it’s time to get on my recording my lab log. Mission log, entry 2.


Well, aside from gathering all the needed materials, assembly is taking longer than I expected. It’s times like this I wish I had taken gym instead of calculus, physics, and introduction to time and space in high school. Those parts are much more integrated and complex than I anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand it yes, but it’s hard to determine which part goes where when I can’t even lift the smallest of copper tubing. Today wasn’t a total loss though. I was able to get some of the lighter and more liftable parts assembled, and maybe I can get the others as well if I can find a crane or a pile driver. Maybe Joe the construction worker can lend me some of his heavy construction equipment… Anyway, no further development has been accomplished. This is Dr. LaRue ending mission log entry 2.


-Dr. LaRue

Good Day and Hello

 Greetings and salutations to one and all. I’m sure some of you may recognize me as Dr. Mary Lou LaRue. But enough formalities, time to get down to business.


So, as some of you already may know, I’ve been chatting with a certain Mr. Mike McLennan fairly often as of late. I can’t disclose what about, for fear of ruining this little… surprise we have planned for you all. But in due time, in due time. Long story short, to keep track of this little “surprise”, as well as all my other studies and projects, Mike suggested I switch from using a written journal to this site. Needless to say, I’m quite pleasantly surprised. My my, this is quite the interesting site indeed. So versatile and functional for rudimentary purposes of recording process. Not only can I keep record of progress reports and inventions, but I can also chat and converse with other Whos, and even some of those from Nool. This shall be quite the experience. I’m looking forward to chatting with all of you in the near future. I believe I shall be using this site more often.


But down to brass tax. *pops knuckles* Mission Log, entry 1.

So far the new project has been running smoothly.  All the parts for assembly have been gathered as well as the blueprints being drawn up, which was a challenge without Jojo. He’s always so helpful with supplying different kinds of parts. I hope that boy turns up soon. But at least Miss Gertrude VonFrood was such a helping hand in brining all of that in. Anyway, all that’s left is to assemble them and find a power source strong enough to make it run properly. I wonder where I can find an ample supply of Plutonium… Ah well, I worry about that at a later date. Until further red letter development occurs, Professor Mary Lou LaRue, Who U Staff Brain, signing off.


*dusts hands off* I think that shall be enough for one day. With that all said and done, I’ll be getting back to work. That sodium phosphate and potassium nitrate won’t solidify by themselves after all. 


Oh, by the way, congratulations to both Mike and Midge on a no doubt splendorous matrimony. I wish you the best on a happy future.


-Dr. LaRue